Book Four in the

Kabbalah Revealed Series

This Final Volume in my Kabbalah Revealed Series reaches insights that confirm that Thought is the Prime Mover.  The text and my commentaries will keep you on track all the way.  These writings of our Sages are obscure and filled with allegory switching back and forth seeming to make no sense.  The reason for presenting these works in a secretive manner is because they first thing you  must learn is to ask the questions.   Think about it.  In their own way they were guarding the Secret Wisdom making it available to those who ask the questions.  It would only be available to those who would seek it out.

I think I am doing the same here.  You have to have a love of Mystery.  Only then will you find what you seek with unerring success.

Zohar Chadash Revealed Volume Two shines the light on so many Mysteries and answers perhaps none of us have thought of until now.  It is a completion that I am very satisfied with.  I realize that all of this my writing my music is but a vehicle for the Holiness Above to express itself through you.  Whatever you do it is the same.

Parsha Tzav     1

Teaching: Sacrifices Rising     1

Parsha Acherei     4

Teaching: Paradise and Hell     4

Teaching: Elimelech and Naama Mahlon and Chilion, Ruth and Orpah     11

Teaching: Jacob who redeemed Abraham     19

Teaching: Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah     20

Teaching: Three watches of the night     23

Teaching: That would be called a bird’s nest     25

Teaching: Midnight     28

Teaching: Why people die before their time     29

Teaching: The Names of 42 and 72 and Recital of kriyas Shema and 248 limbs     31

Teaching: Three Openings of Shabbas     33

Teaching two, three sections of Shabbas     38

Teaching: Happy is he that considers the poor     47

Teaching: Eighteen Thousand Worlds     53

Parsha Behar     58

Teaching: To instill my love there     58

Teaching:  Charity for All     60

Parsha Nasso     65

Teaching Blessing of the Kohanim     65

Parsha Chukat     67

Teaching: Journey from Mount Hor     67

Teaching: And will send the serpents and seraphim     69

Teaching: Poetry of the Well     72

Teaching: And to bring down to a person a gift     77

Teaching:  In the utterance of man attracts a dense love     88

Teaching:  For the Leader; upon Shoshannim     93

Parsha Balak     121

Teaching:  The pleasure of the Holy One Blessed be He     121

with the Righteous in Paradise.     121

Teaching:  Treasure of Souls     125

Teaching:  Here if he comes out of Egypt     130

Teaching:  Here is a cover for the Eye of the Earth     131

Teaching:  And you are a man beneath you     132

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed     140

Teaching: Fear thou not, O Jacob My servant     142

Teaching: Void and Darkness and the Spirit of the Night     149

Teaching:  Through a star of Jacob     153

Teaching: The star of Jacob     159

Parsha Mattos     172

Parsha Vaetchanan     175

Teaching: The Line of Measurement     175

Parsha ki Tetzei     205

Teaching: When thou goest forth to battle against thine enemies     205

Midrash of the Vanishing     209

Levirate Obligation     213

Teaching TaKing Off (a shoe)     214

Parasha ki Tavo     220

Teaching:  When men strive together     227

Teaching: What was given to Joseph     228

The Song of Songs     232

Midrash of the Vanishing     232

Teaching:  Four female Spirits     232

Teaching:  Four letters that are magnified at the beginning of the numeration     235

Teaching Adonai, Tzvaos YHVH AHIH     253

Teaching: Song its portent     262

Teaching: Cain and Abel and Seth     279

Teaching: The letters Tet Cheth Tet-Cheth     282

Teaching: Lovers of Love     294

Teaching: Tefillin of Holy One Blessed be He guided by the Holy Name     297

Teaching:  Three Fragrances     302

Teaching: The King led me into His chambers     307

Four Chambers that are in paradise     309

Teaching: First Chamber     310

Teaching: Flavors, Vowel Points, Letters     316

Teaching Three Names of God     321

Teaching Twenty Two Letters and their Sifting     324

Teaching: In the light of the Scriptures according to At Bash     332

Teaching: Why God chose David     339

Teaching: The Incense     343

Teaching: The Throne stands on Four Columns     352

Teaching Dividing the Alphabet into the Yud and Twelve     356

Teaching The first man garden of eden     359

Teaching: I am black but comely     365

Teaching: Yod Yod Yod the experience of gazing upon     373

Teaching: Perfect Engraved and Expanded     382

Teaching: Betrayed by profound love     384

Teaching: Wisdom that one must know     389

Teaching: The Diminished Moon     392

Teaching: Elijah told me she loved my soul     395

Teaching: The letter Heh     398

Teaching: Elijah Tell me, you whom my soul loves     399

Teaching: He took to a mare among Pharaoh's chariots     405

Teaching:  Daleth Final Mem to Create with the Heh, Heh     415

Teaching: HVYH Elohim occurring in the  Heavens     424

Teaching:  Bet Flavor Flavors and Letters     428

Teaching:  Happy is one who considers the poor     458

Teaching: Do not judge a person according to his sorrow     462

Teaching: And God addressed Job out of the whirlwind     464

Teaching: When the morning stars sang together     469

Teaching : Shaking the Earth in its place     470

Teaching: For He says to the snow: 'Fall thou on the Earth     471

Teaching seven pillars seven  Heavens seven stars seven lands etc.     474

Teaching: Hananiah Mishael and Azariah     482

Teaching: The sound of the weeping of a fawn     484

Teaching: And a man from the house of Levi will go     485

Teaching: Of the other prophets from afar and Moses near     488

Teaching: Birds Nest     490

Teaching: And it came to pass in the days of the judging of the judges     496

Teaching: Recital of Shema contains 248 words     501

Teaching: Break me with a Tempest     504

Teaching: Mahlon and Chillion longing and Ruth     506

Teaching: They took for themselves Moabite women     508

Teaching: Spirit and soul, soul of soul, and spirit of impurity     511

Teaching:  Just as there is the sacred there is the unclean     515

Teaching:  Light whose fire is in Zion, His furnace in Jerusalem     522

Teaching: Seven Compartments of Hell     524

Teaching: When the Holy One Blessed be He banished Adam from Garden of Eden     530

Teaching: When the Holy One Blessed be He created Adam     533

Teaching: Prayer Cry and Tears     538

Teaching: This is according Rabbi Kruspedai     541

Teaching: Because She heard     546

Teaching: Small Town Great King     548

Teaching: There were three years of famine in the days of David     555

Teaching, Uzza and Azael and cast down     556

Teaching: And to settle in Nob regarding the events of Nob     564

Teaching: I am as versed in Torah as the kohain HaGadol in the Land     569

Teaching: Kohanim, Leviim Israelites and Sacrifice     571

Teaching: And caused a Throne to be set for the King's mother     574

Teaching: Examining the Covert     575

Teaching: And one Woman From the Female Prophets     575

Teaching: Spirit and Soul on the Left     577

Teaching: This of the son of the proud ones     582

Teaching: It will not stop until Solomon     588

Teaching: And they went, the two of them     593

The and the Altars and the Script     593

Teaching: And Follow Both     596

Teaching: And the two went soul and the body     599

Teaching:  Just as there is God in Zeir Anpin so there is man     603

Teaching: Dying without sons     606

Teaching: Who is Elijah     610

Teaching:  Mitzvah-Mezzuzah     613

Teaching: Naomi becomes aware and must begin     619

Teaching: Ruth and Naomi and the Goat     621

Teaching: Chanoch the youth Metatron     625

Teaching: You who tremble at his word     635

Teaching: A Good Name and an Evil Name     637

Teaching: Great Strength is Grace After Meals     640

Teaching: Cup of blessing and the blessing over food     654

Teaching: Midnight     659

Teaching: Redeemer near and Redeemer far     666

Teaching: and these Testimonies     673

Teaching: Mitzvos Levirate Marriage     674

Teaching: Seven Blessings     676

Teaching: The soul of a person is in his hand     678

Teaching: Mitzvos and Fertility     682

Teaching: Never is there a grave in vain     685

Teaching: Ten Slain Queens     686

Teaching: And the women her neighbors gave it a name     689

As long as a body does not rest in its place, the same is true of its soul     691

Lamentations     705

Midrash of the Disappearing     705

Teaching: Lamentations to wait alone     705

Teaching: To banish the person     711

Teaching: And led from the Garden of Eden     712

Teaching: and man migrated     714

Teaching: And they were in the Garden of Eden     716

Teaching: And look at the woman     718

Teaching: A voice is heard on a height     719

Teaching: A roar would roar at home     727

Teaching: Two Ten slain queens     740

Afterword:     746

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