Mark Siet

The Secret of Faith

Vocals, solid groove, solid hook.  Thematic, uplifting


Fantasy, Hopeful, Evocative,

Consciousness Is Like A River

Vocals, Uplifting, Soaring, Solid Groove

Language of Love

Vocals Pop Rhythmic

Amazing Realms of Reflection

Vocals, Uplifting, Pop, Thematic

Infinity - Vocals

Laid back groove, Positive vibes

Thematic, Transitions

Call It April

Vocals, Movie Theme, transitions, commercials

My Name is Holy.

Vocals, Spiritual, Evocative.

The Power of Nothing

wistful, prophetic, deep, mystical

Creative Imagination

Inspiring, Higher Vibes,

Golden Highway

Searching, hopeful, revelations

Let My Heart Be a Part of You

Romantic,Country Crossover, Indie Rock, Love themes.

Hell or High Water

Rock and Roll, Driving, Humor, Solid

Songwriter Supersite

It Is Done

Inspiration, Uplifting