Kabbalah and Beyond

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THOUGHT INTO FORM tells about the Spirituality of believing that what we think produces what we experience in our world day by day on and on for an endless future of adventure and fulfillment.  Click to purchase

TIKKUNEI ZOHAR REVEALED offers the first ever English Commentary of this Kabbalistic work.  It contains 70 Tikkunim that explain the Hebrew word Bereishis or Beginning.  There are over 300 selections plus the seventy Tikkunim that are translated with commentary.

Bahir Revealed:  One of the oldest Kabbalistic texts is the Bahir. It predates the Zohar and is quoted in almost every major work on Kabbalah.  Full translation and commentary.


The purpose of this book is to focus our attention on what we want. 

It is described in 360 ways, using succinct narrative, and short stories.

360 Degrees of Good is organized into eight chapters each chapter containing forty-five degrees of good, naming the chapters first with a direction, North, Northeast, East, etc., and then with a further descriptive title such as East, the Dawning of Good.

This book is perfect as a companion for travel, after dinner light reading, or simply for passing the time on a rainy afternoon.  

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Step inside of the world of Shue.  Meet the boy, the man and the legend that saves the world time and again.  His exploits are amazing.  There is no area where he does not excel.  All of his talents are natural and yet his ability to conquer, overcome and  save the day would suggest otherwise.